Step into Your Fairytale

I feel like I've got a thorough understanding of the nuances of my style now. I'm so looking forward to getting creative in putting outfits together! As someone who has struggled for a long time with finding a style that suits me, it's such a freeing and exciting feeling to now have clarity and direction. My fairytale has helped me understand how to articulate who I am through clothing and how to dress for self-expression. I looked for this sense of depth and clarity in a lot of other style systems but never really found it. I'm interested to see how things shift in my life as I start integrating this vision. For too long I've kind of hidden behind lines and fabrics that I didn't feel really help me shine. Now it’s onward to a new journey!
The Night Ocean Artist
She opened my eyes to possibilities I hadn't considered. She even talked me into cutting my hair much shorter- and it was such a good idea! Kati has a special ability to "see" people - not just their forms, but their spirit and energy - and bring that to life through fashion and fantasy. On top of that, she is incredibly generous answering questions and educating clients about color, shape, and so on. I can't recommend working with her highly enough! It has been a sincere pleasure.
The Literary Garden Fairy
Working with Kati was truly enjoyable. The analysis gave me both personalized recommendations of shapes, fabrics, contrast levels; all wrapped with Kati's unique view, imagination and talent for creating cohesive outfits with the right level of visual interest and movement. I especially recommend online shopping/getting a complete outfit put together by Kati.
The Pouncing Courier
I had a few more specific questions and she gladly answered them thoroughly and in detail. I truly appreciated this because to me that is a real sign of trying to provide the best service possible. The Pinterest board that she made for me was visually really beautiful and it captured the essence of my type very well. Overall I can highly recommend getting an analysis with Kati.
The Misty Serpent Speaker
I am thoroughly pleased with my Fantastical Beauty analysis. My love of sparkle and glam (No surprise for a Dragon Princess!) often felt at odds with my uber-casual lifestyle. Kati was able to seamlessly merge the two and allow me to shine, even while hiking with my dogs or watching Netflix at on the couch. The visuals she provided - individual Pinterest Board and outfit sketches in the guide - continue to be immensely helpful. I'm also really grateful for the time Kati took to answer all my questions and clarify her vision for me after the analysis. Thank you, Fairy Godmother!!
The Starlit Harpy
I'm so impressed with Kati's work with my style consultation. I love having a fantasy creature and animal to call "my own", and I love the idea of being a "Soul Guardian" subtype. The styles and colors she chose for me were so luscious and pretty--they felt familiar, yet also have a new, fresh feeling that will be exciting to explore in my own personal style. I loved working with her, she really delves in deep to understand who you are as a person, and even brings in elements of what you already love. She works with such a unique "system" of style that I have never seen before, it's just genius, and I just love the fantastical, artistic element. I've felt very connected to my style archetype of Angel, and angels are very special to me now that I have that connection. It's brought me a lot of comfort! Thank you so much, Kati!
The Dusky Belle

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