How to Get Away With Never Wearing Heels Again Pt. 3 Midi dresses and skirts

How to Get Away With Never Wearing Heels Again Pt. 3 Midi dresses and skirts


Whew, we got through the mini skirts and dresses, which in my opinion is the hardest to do with flats. Midis are more in my purview. We are continuing to pair flats to fit the mood of the outfit, as a way to illustrate that there is a flat for every outfit that will look fabulous.

From left to right:

1. This knit, sleeveless, sheath midi is a bit sporty and a bit casual, but could be dressed up some as well. Everything but the sweetest or most formal of shoes will work, which leaves a lot of room. I chose textured loafers with metallic toe caps to push it in a funky direction. I think it would look great with a pair of sneakers. The shoes in the left column as well as the bottom row would all work. A dressy sandal would be pretty. Flatform slides are another good option. It would work well for some Maenads, and probably some Nymphs as well.

2. Cocktail bodycon dresses remain the most difficult challenge for flats, but these work well because they're closed toe, pointed toe, and have some blingy detailing. Adding a very small heel would drastically increase the dressiness. It's great for Maenads, possibly for some Valkyrie, possible for some Seers, and maybe even a few Magic Queens with the right jacket.

3. This one is too easy, right? Very Audrey Hepburn. The combination of the floral print, the fitted higher neck bodice, and the full skirt require a shoe that is also rounded and fairly dressy. There is a world of ballet flats that would pair perfectly, as well as simple (not too detailed or ornate or flashy) peep-toe flats. This could work for the right Magic Queen or Angel.

4. A really plain t-shirt midi calls for a flat with personality. This flat has color, straps, and a print. Most flats would work with this dress. I would avoid rounded toes (too sweet) and shiny fabrics (too dressy). This would really take the right person and accessories to be a good look. Possibly Fae or Valkyrie.

5. This is another really versatile look- the dress is a solid color, fitted but not clingy, with enough detailing to not be boring but still have lots of room to add personality in accessories. It could be personalized to work for any type. The point on the shoe wouldn't be best for everyone, but I imagine there is someone in each type for whom it would work. The dress and shoe are both fairly plain and need personality through accessories. 

6. This dress and shoe are both full of personality, and thus limited in terms of type. The pointed white brogues with silver metal bars I chose to emphasize a funky kind of cool. The dress is funky in print and detailing but the a-line adds some sweetness. The brogue pushes against that sweetness and this juxtaposition creates energy. Most styles of flats could work with it, and the best flat will be one that adds up to your authentic beauty. As-is, I imagine this outfit for Mermaids.

7. A plain black midi skirt could be pushed in any direction depending on the top and shoes chosen. I really like the way plain knit midi skirts look when pushed in a sporty direction, and so chose sneakers. The top could be a tee half tucked in, or a sweatshirt with a print or design on it. You could just as easily do a list blouse and a ballet flat. The skirt could be paired with any of the other eight shoes in this set, depending on the look you're going for. 

8. A floral bodycon midi needs a shoe with a bit of flirtyness- no black ballet flats here, please. The tropical feel to the print makes a colored sandal a great choice. Sneakers, brogues, loafers, and boots would look out of place on the whole. 

9. Closed toe flats- ballet or pointed, slingbacks, and dressy sandals are all nice choices. A glossy tall black boot would be an unexpected sexy twist. A sneaker or saddle shoe would be playful. 

What types do you see for 7, 8, and 9 as they are?