How to get away with never wearing heels again Pt. 4 Maxi Dresses

How to get away with never wearing heels again Pt. 4 Maxi Dresses

Ah, the maxi- my favorite length! 

1. Top Left: Soft, boho, and ornate. Echoing this in a sandal makes a perfect outfit. A buttery soft boot or bootie could also work. Valkyrie, Maenad, Nymph, DP.

2. Bottom Left: funky stripes knit is striking and high energy. A shoe to match that is color, shiny, and pointy. A boot or booty could work here as well. I like the idea of a boot that is a bit witchy or Victorian. Jelly sandals could be fun. If you can pull off a dress this funky, you probably have a lot of room to play in your shoe choice- just avoid anything too classy.

3. Top Right: A kimono feeling with a 3/4 wide sleeve, V-neck, and vertical draping. I love the idea of a velvet loafer in red, or metallic sandals with a bit of sparkle. Nymph, Fae, Maenad.

4. Bottom Right: Green mermaid gown with an off-center shallow v and a bit of pleating detail. It really calls for only the most dressy of flats. Metallic, ornate, and pointed toe is a good choice. Maybe a metallic sandal with a bit of detailing. Maybe a pointed toe slip on or slingback if it's lush enough- soft and embroidered with metallic thread. Nymph, Seer.

5. Center: A solid heathered grey with a bit of asymmetry in the neck and hemline. Any shoe that is funky/unexpected or sporty will work. Ballet flats with an interesting print could work. A truly dressy flat would look odd, but otherwise the options are open. What types do you see possible here?