How to get away with never wearing heels again Pt. 5 Pants

How to get away with never wearing heels again Pt. 5 Pants


Pants are far more forgiving in terms of flats. You could choose any style of flat (boot, ballet flat, sandal, loafer, etc) with any of these pants. The choice that you make in terms of style, color, texture, detailing, and so forth will add a certain personality to the pant, and knowing your best vibe will make a shoes choice easy. Because of the variety possible with pants, I'm going to keep this rundown more brief than the previous in this series.

Left to right, top to bottom.

1. Paperbag pegleg emphasizes round shapes, in a neutral plain color that call for more personality in the other items. A patent closed toe flat with a bow is classy and flirty both. Possible for Angel, Seer, Mermaid.

2. Abstracted print reminiscent of the jungle, cropped pant. A neutral shoe with optional detailing is plenty, unless you are extra high energy and can go for more (shiny, bright color, print, etc). Black penny loafers suddenly seem interesting. Fae, Queen.

3. Silver sequin straight leg pant could go funky, but we went dressy with a silver closed-toe pointy flat with a bow for a bit of sweetness. CL, Maenad, Mermaid, possibly Nymph, Angel.

4. Tweed tapered pant could be really boring if a plain shoe is selected. A brogue, loafer, or other menswear style shoe with a bit of print/color/texture will knock it out. Likewise going sweet and soft with round shoes and floral or bows or sparkle could- as long as the shoe itself is interesting, this is a versatile pant for flats. With the shoe I've chosen here I see: Nymph.

5. Wide leg trouser with vertical pleats. The extra fabric requires a shoe with some substance- dainty shoes would disappear under this pant and be ill-balanced. These pearl-covered brogues certainly add substance and flair, but you could choose a loafer in a bold color to the same effect. Shooties would be another good style choice. Maenad.

6. Springy floral capri needs a sweet and classy shoe. Ballet flats, sandals, slingbacks. Fae, Angel, Mermaid.

7. Wide satin culottes with drape detailing read as a skirt when not walking. Because of the satin, I'd avoid any super casual flats, but everything else is open. Sneakers, booties, ballet flats, slingbacks, mary-janes- your imagination gets to play. With the cutout oxford in a metallic I see Maenad, Mermaid.

8. Wrap pant in an abstracted floral. It has a modern feel and I like a simple white sandal, flatform, or slide with it. Pink jellies could be fun. Black loafers could work. I'd avoid the extreme ends of both dressy and casual for this look. 

9. High waist leather shorts to mix up our examination. They were so fun I chose two shoes. Any flat with a bit of an edge to it will work- sticking with dark colors, bright colors, and metallics (no pastels/softs) leaves open the style of flat that would work. I really like it with the top sandal to add color. It has a summer art faire vibe to me. I imagine Valkyrie, Fae, and maybe Nymph.

10. Leopard print crop pant also need a bit of edge or linear energy in the flat- nothing super soft or round. A color could work if you're high energy. I like this black pointed toe because the back of the shoe is different from the front, and that adds a little oomph without clashing with the pant print. Keds might be fun, nicer sandals, loafers, brogues, booties, slingbacks, and mary-janes if they have a bit of added edge somehow. Magic Queen, Maenad, Nymph.