Loungewear and Working from Home

Loungewear and Working from Home


Pam and Gela sweats / Zara gathered midi dress / Nordstrom Moonlight Pajama set

Thigh high sweater socks / Santana convertible loafers / Halogen everyday cashmere beanie 

Caslon pocket t-shirt dress / Pam and Gela tracksuit / Free people duster



With more people at home, it’s a great time to expand your loungewear.

The usual advice for people working remotely is to dress up just as if you were leaving your home to work. It’s not bad advice, but most people are looking for a higher level of comfort. The mental separation of working time from off-duty time is key, and this can be done far more casually (unless of course you have a video conference, where you can keep the party on the bottom but need to move to business up top).

Loungewear ideas include:

“Work pajamas”- sets in dark, neutral, business color (black, navy, charcoal, etc) and switch to a fun print when your work day is over. This can be done with something else too, like “work leggings” versus your off-duty leggings. It may sound silly, but it can help delineate your work hours while being maximally comfortable.

Robes, dusters, and cozy cardigans in different weights (fleece, cotton, silk), colors, and prints make a good third piece to layer. Knit blazers if you prefer more structure. Having a comfortable blazer nearby is especially good if you have unexpected video calls and need to cover up quickly and look professional. Double-breasted styles can cover your main layer completely, and may be all you need.

T-shirt dresses come in so many variations that there is one for every style type. Look at the different lengths, necklines, sleeve lengths, colors, prints, details (ruching, wrapping, tiers, ruffles). 

Caftans have more print options than most t shirt dresses, and a different mood. They can be much dressier than a t-shirt dress depending on your fabric and styling choices. The oversized tent and smock dresses that are popular right now are other easy dress choices, and some of the styles that button through can also be worn open as an outer layer. Tights, leggings, thigh highs, or shorts worn under for warmth and anti-chafing as needed. 

If you prefer separates, matching sets will always look more intentional and feel dressier. This could be pajamas, fitness sets, or tracksuits. Once you have a few sets, you can mix and match them on the days you feel like. If you like mixing and matching from the start, ponte pants or cashmere pants and nicer t shirts (try tencel) are a different approach. 

Almost all of these options can be more polished by styling your hair (or just adding a pretty clip, headband, or knit hat), wearing makeup if you like (when no one is going to see you can be a fun time to experminent), and adding jewelry or other accessories.

Wearing shoes is another way to be more in work mode- whatever pair you will wear and that are separate in your mind from off-duty life, are a good choice. I really like a convertible loafer/mule for this purpose.  

If you’re struggling to dress for yourself, try setting a video chat with someone and dressing up a little to maybe lift both of your moods. You could set a theme (fancy party, the color blue, etc) or challenge (style something you rarely wear, or wear a button shirt in a different way). 

It’s all about finding what works for you and your needs. Even small changes can add up to a really big difference in how you feel. If you have a minute, let me know how you are feeling, and if you are new to working from home, how you’re finding it.