Please Welcome Necromancer

Please Welcome Necromancer
It feels like Necromancer was commissioned just in time for Halloween, a subtype with a spooky mood. I wanted to spend more time with the type, so I’ve done a little shopping, and here are a few pieces that would be great for the Necromancers among us. Not having a particular Necromancer in mind, I’ve skewed long and sharp, and Animal Familiars without line influence will need to bring in softer pieces.

Happy Halloween, and thank you to the commissioner.


Alexander McQueen Double Skull Drop Earrings and brooch

Loveapella Velvet Cowl

Lafayette 148 Tinley Blouse

Rick Owens Long Cardigan 

Halogen Asymmetrical Midi Skirt

MM6 Satin Wide Trousers

Allsaints Aleida Crop Trousers

Allsaints Katy Boot