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Rabbit Business Casual

Rabbit Business Casual


Floral blouse // Blue puff sleeve wrap blouse // Pant // Pencil skirt  // Flats // Low heel // Earrings // Black purse // Navy purse


Please welcome the Rabbit guide. All Animal Familiar guides are now completed. Thank you, commissioner!

Above are two business casual possibilities for Rabbit. While buying for your largest measurement and tailoring down at your smallest is recommended to get a proper fit, it is that much more essential for Rabbit with her abundance of circle shapes, and with her shorter height, she is likely to need pants and skirts hemmed to perfection.   

The above pants are a “curvy fit” style designed with rounded hips in mind, and may fit better off the rack (= require less tailoring, not no tailoring) than your average pant. If the blouses are too low/open, an extra stitch or snap could be sewn in, or a scoop cami (or a scoop, long sleeve, base layer in thin wool or heattech, etc, for especially cold offices) worn beneath. A fuzzy cardigan could be great on top too.