Same bodycon dress: AF 4 of 14 Snake

Same bodycon dress: AF 4 of 14 Snake

Dress (in many colors)/ Earrings / Shoes / Purse / Wrap / Cuff

As I say in the Animal Familiar guides, the same plain bodycon dress could work for any type, in which case the accessories will do the work of enhancing and echoing the gifts and needs of each type.

The dress I've chosen isn't completely plain with its ruching and tulip hem, but it should function well enough for this exercise.

To add a bit of extra fun, I'll be posting a look and giving everyone a few days (the weekend) to guess which type it is, before revealing the type and adding any type specific commentary.

Let the guessing begin!


 I've edited the colors of the shoes and cuff to better suit.

And you got it again! The styling for this look is best suited to Snake.