Valkyrie Style Archetype with Menswear Touches

Valkyrie Style Archetype with Menswear Touches

Remember when I said I'd take on androgynous looks for the Fantasy 9 types? I tried half a dozen times without getting anywhere, because I was stuck on the term "androgynous". My conclusion after wrestling with it, is that what is androgynous is entirely specific to the particulars of an individual's features, and thus not something I can demonstrate without a specific person to style.

So instead I'm creating looks for the 9 with menswear touches that incorporate what's currently in style, and first up is Valkyrie:


A sleek tweed jacket that crosses neatly in the front and has a slim lapel. This could also work for some Nymphs. 

The blouse is the berry color I wanted to emphasize, and a nice step up from a t-shirt, but personally I'd rather swap it for something more fun- a chenille tank top or something with more interesting texture. 

Leather gloves in color and with braid detail.

A sparkly wrap bracelet for a little glitz.

Wide leg jeans with side slits to show off the details of the ankle bootie.

Her hair with a braid somewhere in the mix.