Wardrobe Must Haves (are a lie!)

Wardrobe Must Haves (are a lie!)

It seems so convenient, tidy, and appealing, doesn’t it? A list of 10-100 clothing items that if you own, you are set with your wardrobe for life. There is only one problem: it doesn’t look good on or feel good to wear for the vast majority of women.

What usually happens with one of these lists is, she is excited and relieved by the list, buys the items, and they sit in her closet unworn forevermore, glaring examples of wasted money. Why doesn’t she wear them? They don’t suit her lifestyle, her coloring, her body lines, or her personality, and she can feel it. 

Let’s see some of the typical items, with a blanket acknowledgment that stark black and white, which is almost always recommended, suits a minority of women only. Changing the neutrals or even adding color only goes so far when the piece is still wrong for your lifestyle needs, climate, face and body lines, and personality.

  1. A little black dress
  2. A white button front shirt
  3. A black blazer
  4. Blue jeans
  5. A black moto jacket
  6. Black ballet flats
  7. A trench coat
  8. A silk scarf
  9. A white tee
  10. Black pumps
  11. A striped shirt
  12. A black skirt
  13. Red lipstick

Any list of essentials or must haves that you’ve ever seen belongs in the trash in my opinion. If you want the convenience of being appropriately dressed and not having to shop or think about your wardrobe at the expense of having it be flattering or personal in any way, a personal style uniform in duplicate will be much easier than a cookie cutter mix and match essentials list.

Also, if the rare occasion pops up where you do need something from this list, it’s better to rent or borrow from a friend than to buy new and allow it to take space in your closet. So much closet space is burdened by “someday” or “I might need this if” imaginary scenarios, and not enough filled with real clothes that you are genuinely happy to wear each day.

Questions for you:

How many items from the list have you owned before?
Which of the “must haves” above are actually staples in regular rotation for you?
What are your personal staples that you don’t see on the list?