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Welcome Mother of Dragons and Centaur

Welcome Mother of Dragons and Centaur

A hearty welcome to the Mother of Dragons (Dragon Princess) and Centuar (Nymph) subtypes that are now available, and a big thank you to their commissioners.

While they have different base types, and this difference is important in how each subtype is expressed, they actually overlap in how they expand their base type. Both MOD and Centaur enjoy rougher textures, natural fabrics, neutrals, and more relaxed silhouettes. They both have a rawness to them and a willingness to fight- MOD as mother protector and Centaur as independent and tempermental half horse (representing the struggle between humanity’s civil and animal natures (which personally I think is a false dichotomy, but is a relatable and useful framing on an individual level)). 

MOD retains Dragon Princess’ fine metallic jewelry while Centaur favors other materials and a more handmade look. MOD has DP’s sensuality and lushness. Centaur enjoys and carries on Nymph’s softened sophistication even with her rougher outdoorsy expression- straddling both in look while leaning into one or the other as necessary. MOD is home/hearth based and Centaur is a wanderer at heart.   MOD is a caregiver and associated with fertility, while Centaur is a mystic and finds prophecy in the night sky. 

I never expected to compare and contrast these two subtypes, but one was commissioned on the heels of the other and the similarities and differences were a pleasure to see. Our fantastically beautiful world was expanded and I hope they are of use in your personal style journey and story.