What Makes Fantastical Beauty Special

What Makes Fantastical Beauty Special

Fantastical Beauty was born from the knowledge that all women are beautiful, and that the variety and differences in beauty are to be celebrated. It approaches beauty as finding the more unique aspects to highlight, rather than trying to hide anything. The message that you have anything to hide is a harmful one, and we're far better off emphasizing what makes us each special and celebrating these features in one another. It's a freedom to celebrate your unique beauty, and it's done in the framework of fantasy.

Why fantasy? For two main reasons. The first is that fantasy frees us from the trappings of modern beauty ideals. Fantasy lets us see all of the historical trends that have been, and those that could be. Fantasy has a perfect fit for everyone in a way that is timeless and beautiful. The second reason for fantasy as a framework is that it gives us a wealth of beautiful imagery to work from. Because it isn't anchored to a single point in history, it can be as extreme and creative as asked for. It's a wide-open world to play in, with built-in beings to and settings to be inspired by and draw upon.

With Fantastical Beauty, we take the lines in your body and face, your personality and needs, and build an entire world around you. You're in the center of an epic fantasy setting that echoes your authentic self. You're styled in a way that enhances what makes you you, and prepared to be the protagonist in your own custom fairytale. Each of the 9 types is lush and evocative, and can be tailored to the particulars of each unique person within.

You can have your style taken to it's personalized extreme, so that you have an iconic look that is easily identified from a distance, or you can just slightly elevate and alter what you're already doing to bring it into a more personal alignment of head-to-toe style. You can have your home decor echo your fantastical vibe in shapes, color, and aesthetic.

What makes Fantastical Beauty special is that it is thorough, personal, and freeing in its fantasy bases. It shows each of us the glamour, class, and sass possible in thoroughly celebrating what makes us each unique, and building our story around this beauty.