Your Fairytale

Are you ready for the full and complex story of your unique style to be told?

Your Fairytale is a personal guide to your fantastical style, created just like the Fantastical Beauty style guides in the shop, but custom created just for you and your story style.

This is a full style service that goes deep into who you are and what you need, with a lengthy questionnaire, photos, and video from you. Your full PDF guide is created, weaving a story through your materials, and a thorough round of follow up questions are answered.


Your custom PDF guide will contain

  1. Your Fantasy type and recommended subtype(s) with an explanation of your exact location within the map
  2. Your Animal Familiar with an explanation of any runner up type(s)
  3. A personal mini color palette for your unique coloring with 6 best colors and two best neutrals, and recommendations of how to expand from it if you wish to
  4. Discussion of your unique personal energy, how you come across, and how it works with your F9, AF, and palette particulars
  5. Head to toe recommendations for lines, fabrics, prints, tops, bottoms, shoes, outerwear, jewelry, and more.
  6. Suggestions for specific lifestyle needs, more detail about specific items, or wardrobe concerns identified by you. A personal moniker.
  7. 3 full color fashion illustrations of looks for weather/occasions/specifics that you choose OR a pinboard at additional cost
  8. One round of comprehensive Q&A after you've receive your guide to answer any questions you might have, and a copy of your completed PDF.

 *A pinboard with 50 style and mood images for further ideas and visual reference can be added at additional cost. You can see examples of past client Pinboards here under their names. 

This personal guide follows the format of the many type guides, but is made wholly for you, and places your unique fantasy style front and center. You will have the blueprint to shop for your best necklines, silhouettes, and everything else for years to come; as well as the priceless explanations as to why some things work and others do not.

Answers to a thorough questionnaire, a set of photos, and a short video of you talking will all be due within one week unless otherwise arranged, so please make sure you have time for this service before purchase.

This intensive, multi day, service is limited in availability. Contact to inquire about openings. 

The Fairytale is $2000 USD.


Al a carte services are available at $150/hr with a minimum of two hours and include:

  • Personal shopping
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Feedback on outfits from your own closet
  • Illustrations
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • Decluttering
  • General style guidance
  • Guidance and discussion in letting go of unworn items
  • Explanation and analysis of why some things work and others don’t
  • Identifying gaps in your wardrobe
  • Adding personality to basic wardrobes
  • Fantasy typing including subtype 2 hours
  • Animal familiar typing 2 hours
  • Personal color palettes and how to use your best colors to build a joyful wardrobe